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These are the most common questions Elf Stacy receives about Legendary Letters.

General Questions

  1. Do I fill out the personalization first or purchase first?

    It works best if you fill out the personalization form for the item you wish to purchase first. When you click submit, it will take you to the correct listing in the shop for you to continue checking out. However, if you've paid first, it's perfectly fine to submit the personalization form afterwards. We will send you an email if we have any questions. 

  2. How will my item arrive?

    Most of our items are shipped in bubble or photo mailers with US Post first class mail, which is why we can offer such low cost shipping. When we print your shipping label, you should receive an email from with your tracking number.

    Note that we can not be held responsible for loss or damage during shipping. If you would like to purchase insurance, please do so in the "shipping services" section of the store. Unfortunately, delivery people often mistreat mail and we have no control of that. If you opt to not purchase insurance, we will replace lost or damaged items at a discounted rate of 50% off the original price.

  3. When will the items arrive?

    Please check the posted turnaround and deilvery times on the Shipping page. Add them together and you will get the ETA for your order. If you order between November 1st and December 1st for a real North Pole postmark on a Santa Letter, the letters are held and mailed to North Pole, AK together on December 2nd. These letters usually arrive in US homes around December 15th and international customers can expect them around December 22nd.

  4. How much is shipping?

    We ship USPS first class mail for the lowest rates possible. The shopping cart will calculate shipping in the checkout process before payment is made. You may also add Priority or Express mail for quicker delivery.

  5. Can I have the item mailed directly to the gift recipient?

    Of course! We are required to ship to the address specified on your PayPal payment*, but you may change this in PayPal to anything you like. We know that most of our items are ordered as gifts so we never include any invoices or packing slips. 

    *There are a few exceptions to the rule: letters and certificates from Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy as well as telegrams. (Any items which are mailed with a postage stamp rather than a shipping label with tracking). Those are mailed directly to the recipient's address on the personalization form you fill out.

  6. Are you open 365 days a year?

    Almost! We do take a vacation once in awhile and when we do we'll post it in the sidebar on the right side of every page of our site. The most notable time that we are closed is during the holidays. Since Elf Stacy must travel to the North Pole to help out Santa Claus, we only accept orders up until December 3rd each year. (We may close earlier if we reach the maximum number of orders we can physically process during the holidays). Please place your holiday orders as soon as possible (October and early November are the best times to do so). No orders are accepted from December 4th until we re-open in the new year.

    *Our turnaround time during the holidays is usually 2 weeks and then we allow 1 week for delivery within the USA. An order placed on December 3rd then should arrive on December 24th.

  7. I don't live in the United States, do you ship internationally?

    We are located in the United States, but will ship internationally to any country. However, please note that international orders will go through your country's customs office, and most likely you will be charged an additional fee for importing. We have no control over how much customs officials charge and it is different for every item in every country. We just want you to be aware of the extra costs involved.

  8. I don't use PayPal, can I send in payment?

    We prefer PayPal. It is an incredibly easy and safe way to pay online, and you may pay with a credit card without even opening a PayPal account. However, you may send in a check, money order, or cash if you like. Just remember that checks can take up to 10 days to clear, and letters are not processed until payment is received.

  9. What do I do if there is an error?

    In the very rare case that there is a typo on the item, we can reprint another one that you can exchange for the misprinted one. You can say that the mistake was magically fixed. If the error was the mistake of the person ordering and is on the submitted form or communication, there will be a reprint charge of 50% off the original price + shipping/tax if applicable. If the error was on our part, the reprint is free. Please note that due to the personalized nature of the product, no refunds will be issued. Please double check your personalization before submitting. Legendary Letters is not responsible for any errors or omissions on forms, payments, or communications submitted the buyer. Please understand that all of us here flunked Divination and we can not know that you meant something other than what you gave us. 

  10. What are your Terms of Service?

    By ordering from our site, you agree to our Terms of Service. Here are the important points that you are agreeing to summarized:

    1. Due to the personalized nature of our products, no returns are accepted and no refunds issued. You understand that once we receive and fulfill an order, our resources are consumed and can not be used again.

    2. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged mail. You may purchase insurance for a small fee by adding it in the "shipping Services" section of the web store. Items may be considered lost in the mail if they do not arrive at their destinations 2 weeks after mailing date (or 6 weeks for international orders). If you opt not to purchase insurance, we will replace your lost or damaged items at a discounted rate of 50% off the original price. If you do purchase insurance, we will file a claim and then replace at no charge.

    3. Errors on an item will be replaced with a corrected version. Typos that are our fault are replaced at no charge. Typos that are on the order form and the fault of the person ordering, will be charged a 50% reprint fee. Please proofread your answers before submitting. For most items we MUST use the official order form that was submitted. If you need to make corrections, you should immediately re-submit the form AND email us about which form to use and the differences so we will not mistakenly use the wrong one. If you do not notify us specifically detailing the correct version, we can not be held responsible if the one we choose isn't the one you wanted. Please be very careful when filling out the forms and recheck your answers before submitting. If we have already printed, you will be charged a reprint fee of 50%.

    4. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any, or no, reason whatsoever.

    5. Each item is custom made and may vary slightly from images posted on the site. We may need to take creative license with the positioning of personalized text and other attributes of our items so that they look their best. Note that any foul or hurtful language will be edited out as all our items must be PG rated.

  11. Do items with wax seals go through the mail OK?

    We place our items with wax seals inside a padded outer envelope or photo mailer so that they will not be damaged in postal equipment. We also use faux wax which is sturdier than real wax and will not crumble apart. However, please note in instances of extreme heat, they may re-melt in transit. If this happens and your item arrives stuck to the bubble mailer, the best thing to do is gently rip the mailer down the back where it isn't stuck to release the contents and then very carefully peel the wax seal away. If you are able to postpone your order until cooler weather that works too. Unfortunately, we can not be responsible for any damage.

    If you plan to use our wax seals to mail your own letters, we recommend also placing them inside an outer envelope when mailing. Write non-machinable on the outer envelope and be sure to affix extra postage for hand canceling.

  12. Are you able to use foreign special characters with your fonts?

    Unfortunately, most of the fonts we use for our items do not have the special characters used in many foreign languages such as accent marks, tildes, cedillas, etc. We apologize for the inconvenience and promise to use them whenever possible, but we may need to use a different font than the ones shown in our photos. If you absolutely want the ones shown, please leave off the special characters when filling out the form. You can always add them in by hand once you receive the items.

  13. What if I need to change some information?

    For most items we MUST use the official order form that was submitted. If you need to make corrections, you should immediately contact us so that we can make the needed edits or ask you to submit a new form. Please be very careful when filling out the forms and recheck your answers before submitting. If we have already printed, you will be charged a reprint fee of 50%.Be sure that you get an email back from us saying that we made the change(s).

  14. What is your turnaround time?

    Since all of our items are made to order and many are personalized, it takes a little time to give each order the care and attention it deserves. Please check the current turnaround and delivery times on the Shipping page. Add them both together and you will be able to calculate the ETA for your area.

  15. Can you mark international orders as "gift"?

    I have had many international buyers ask me to mark merchandise as "gift" on the customs form so they do not have to pay import duties. It is illegal to falsify a customs document and I will not do this (I don't want to end up on Santa's naughty list!). The US Postal Service knows we are a business as they pick up every day. However, if the items you ordered count as documents, I will mark them as such. I do not know if this helps or not. The only time I mark an item as a gift is if the recipient won the item in one of our Facebook giveaways.

  16. PayPal says my shipping address is unconfirmed?

    If the PayPal email says the shipping address was unconfirmed, don't worry. All that means is that the address didn't match the credit card you used. We know many of our customers send our items as gifts so that's perfectly fine. As long as the person receives daily mail at the address it shouldn't be a problem.

  17. How do I know which version of an item to order?

    A few of our items have several options and versions. Please be sure to read all instructions on the personalization forms which will explain when and how to select the correct options and version for your recipient.

  18. PayPal asks for my phone number. Why?

    For international orders, the phone number you enter will be automatically included with your address on the shipping/customs label. It's really important that you include it because that is how many foreign countries contact you if there are any problems in transit or customs. Some countries don't offer daily delivery of mail and will need it to notify you that you have a package waiting. If you don't include the phone number, there is a risk that your item(s) will be returned to us. Not only will it take a very long time to get back to you, you will be charged shipping again to have it resent. Please include your phone number if at all possible. (It's not necessary to enter a phone number if you are located in the United States).

  19. Should I order the magical version?

    The magical version means that the writing of the acceptance letter and 2nd sheet of books and equipment will be green foiled rather than done in green ink. It gives it a magical appearance because when the light hits it at a certain angle it is shiny and reflective. However, please note that the foiling process isn't perfect. Differences in the foil, paper, temperature, and humidity will affect it so that there may be tiny areas throughout where the foil doesn't adhere. It's a matter of personal preference if you choose green foil or green ink. The foil gives a special touch that younger recipients may really like. The green ink is probably better if you plan to frame the letter since the foil may not show well under glass. It's really up to you which you choose. :)

  20. Can I pay extra for my order to be put at the head of the line?

    No, unfortunately, our current processing time as shown in the right hand column of every page on the site is firm. We do not believe it is fair to our customers to accept payment to put an order through to the front of the line (and if everyone paid a special fee for rush processing, then the processing time would stay the same as it already is).

  21. I didn't add the processing & shipping times together correctly & really need to purchase rush shipping. Can I do that after I've placed an order?

    Sure! You may purchase rush shipping in the "Shipping Services" section of the store and in the note to seller in PayPal, just let us know the date of the previous order you would like it applied to. As long as the rush shipping payment comes in a couple days before the current processing time ends, we should be able to apply it in time.

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Questions about Holiday Letters

  1. What kind of small surprise can my child expect in the holiday letters?

    The surprise insert in the Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Easter letters is usually a bookmark, tattoo, sticker, origami, Good Boys and Girls Club membership card, or other flat holiday-themed object. Cupid letters usually contain a valentine.

  2. What is the difference between the secular and religious theme Santa & Easter options?

    Most of our letters are secular in nature. Santa Letters promote Christmas spirit, goodwill toward men, and good values in general. However, they do not specifically mention the Bible or Jesus' birthday. If you select the "Christmas (religious)" option, the letters will mention that Jesus is the reason for the season. If you select the Easter (religious) option for Easter Bunny Letters, the letter will mention Jesus' resurrection. Please note that we currently only have 2 religious versions of our letters, so if you order more than 2 or re-order for the next year, you will be given the secular versions. We are working on writing more, and hope to have them available soon.

  3. If I order for more than 1 child, will the Santa letters be the same?

    No! Every child in a household will receive a different letter. We have 12 templates + special letters for Baby's 1st Christmas, senior citizens, and pets. We are also adding new ones all the time. We strive to make sure that there are no repeats. We even check against the last year's orders to make sure that new letters go out if you are a repeat customer.

  4. What if I don't have the information for a question?

    That's fine! It's perfectly normal for parents not to know exactly what Santa will leave as a gift or in the stocking. It's common also that if someone other than a parent is ordering, he or she may not know every detail of the child's life (friend or pet names). Just leave any question you are unsure about blank. We will work around it.

  5. I don't understand what to write for the post script.

    The post script is one short sentence that will be printed at the bottom of the letter. It can be anything at all that you would like to say, but most parents use this as a "gentle reminder" for areas that need improvement. An example might be, "I know that Math is a tough subject for you, but keep practicing and it will get easier".

  6. Why did our family's letters arrive in the same envelope?

    Almost all orders going to the same address are mailed in the same envelope. We do this in case a letter is lost or delayed. It makes children very sad if one child in the household receives a letter before another. We don't want any sibling rivalries!

  7. Why don't you offer the letters for free?

    You can get free letters simply by writing to Santa, but these are generic copies that the elves send out. It costs us a little to process the real personalized letters. Below is a list of the costs. I'm sure you'll agree the price is reasonable. As always, a percentage is donated to the charity of choice for each elf in the letter office. Elf Stacy chose Starbound Childrens Theater in Fairfield, CA.

    Costs: Website and advertising fees, Ink and paper to print order, ink and paper for draft, ink for final letter & envelope, color letterhead, envelope, sticker seal, surprise insert, word processing time, stamp, shipping per letter to Alaska for postmark, 10% donation to charity, and PayPal fees to accept credit card payments.

  8. Do you only write to children?

    We write letters to people of all ages! I'm sure that letters from Santa would definitely brighten up the holidays for our soldiers away from home. We also write letters to newborn babies, babies yet to be born, friends, co-workers, bosses, senior citizens, and even pets!

  9. Is it safe to give out so much information on my child?

    Elf Stacy takes privacy seriously! We never sell or share any information we collect and nobody else in the mail office is allowed to see the personalization submitted for childrens' letters except Elf Stacy. Remember too, you can give out as much or as little information on the order form as makes you feel comfortable, and we will write the letters with the info we have.

  10. Couldn't I just write a letter myself?

    Certainly! There could be nothing more personal or filled with love than a letter written directly by a parent. If you can, you definitely should! However, you should first ask yourself these questions: When things start to get hectic during the holidays, will I really find the time to get to the stationers for letterhead? Will I really put in the extra effort to mail the letter to the North Pole for postmark? Most importantly, am I sure I can find a place to work where my children won't walk in and catch me? Sometimes it's just easier to pay for the real thing.

  11. I don't understand what the Evidence Kits are.

    Evidence Kits are assembled using some of Santa's old personal effects like gloves, spectacles, buttons, etc. Parents can drop one or two items from the kit on Christmas Eve to prove to their kids that Santa really did visit. These things really did belong to Santa, but he asks that the parents leave the clues because he doesn't have time.

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Questions about Santa Claus

  1. Why does Santa have so many names?

    First, Santa Claus is our mispronunciation of the Dutch, "Sinter Klaas". Sinter means Saint and Klaas is a nickname for Nicholas. They are the same thing (St. Nicholas). Kris Kringle is a mispronunciation of the German, "Christkindl", which actually means Christ Child. In Germany the child spirit of Jesus once delivered gifts, and somehow the name came to be used for Santa. "Father Christmas" is used by many Protestants because they associate sainthood with Catholicism.

  2. Where does Santa get all the money he needs?

    St. Nicholas was born into a wealthy family around 370 AD. Over the past 1700 years he has invested that money very wisely, and has enough to keep the workshop running and the reindeer nicely fed. Food and supplies are airdropped at the North Pole every month. Contrary to popular belief, he pays the elves a good salary with benefits too!

  3. Does Santa visit every child in the world on Christmas Eve?

    His biggest run is on Christmas Eve, and he does travel all around the world. I bet you didn't know though, that in some places, parents ask him to come on the eve of his own St. Nicholas' Day (December 5) or on Epiphany Eve (January 5). This lightens his load a bit for Christmas Eve.

  4. What nationality is Santa?

    St. Nicholas was born in Asia Minor, which is our modern Turkey. However, he is a citizen of the North Pole, and that is considered international territory. No one country can lay claim to it. This means he belongs to all of us everywhere.

  5. What religion is Santa Claus?

    St. Nicholas was a bishop in the 4th century. He is Catholic, but he loves people everywhere of every culture and background. The elves at the North Pole come from all over the world and celebrate many winter holidays like: Eid, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali, Yule, Winter Solstice, Bodhi Day, and more.

  6. Why does Santa always wear the red and white outfit?

    As a bishop in the days of the Roman Empire, St. Nicholas wore white robes with a red cape. His outfits have changed with the times. In colonial times, he wore trunk hose and a broad brimmed hat. In the Victorian age, he had robes in many different colors and embroidered in gold. In the 1930's, an artist named Haddon Sundblom started painting Coca Cola ads with Santa in the red and white outfit we are familiar with today. Since so many children expect Santa to look like that, he has obliged by keeping it as the standard. That doesn't mean he won't change in the future though. What do you think would be a good modern look for him?

  7. Why is St. Nicholas the patron saint of children?

    The most famous story about St. Nicholas is that he saved 3 girls from slavery by providing them with dowries to marry. He threw 3 bags of gold in through the window of their home. One may have fallen into a stocking that was drying over the fireplace. St. Nicholas also performed a miracle by reviving 3 murdered young boys, and once calmed the sea in a fierce storm by praying. He is the patron saint of children, maidens, sailors, and travellers.

  8. How long is his Christmas Eve flight?

    Time zones work in Santa's favor. He has 24 hours to make his deliveries on Christmas Eve, but still needs to use quite a bit of magic to get it all done.

  9. Do the elves make all the toys in the world?

    No, elves only make the toys that Santa needs to deliver during the holidays. Toy factories all over the world make toys to be sold in stores.

  10. Why do some toys made by elves say "Made in China"?

    The elf made toys are sometimes stamped with "Made in China" to show where the materials came from. The materials to make the toys may have come from China or other places, but the actual toys were made at Santa's Workshop at the North Pole.

  11. Why doesn't Santa visit all of my friends?

    Santa Claus must have a signed permission slip from the elders in a household to visit the home. He doesn't want to be charged with breaking and entering! Some families do not wish Santa to come to their homes. They may have religious reasons or they may just be uncomfortable with the idea. Remember, it is up to parents whether they want their family to participate or not, and children should respect their wishes.

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Questions about the Tooth Fairy

  1. How much does the Tooth Fairy leave these days?

    The good news for children is that the Tooth Fairy has kept up with inflation. While a tooth in the 1950's would bring 25 cents, the average for a lost tooth now is $5. The first tooth or a molar might get more. It also depends on how many children have lost teeth on any particular night since she starts out with the same amount of money (all she can carry). If there are only a few children, they get more, and if there are many, each will get a little less.

  2. Why does the Tooth Fairy come late sometimes?

    Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why the Tooth Fairy might not get to a house on the first night a tooth has been lost.

    1. Sickness: the Fairy Flu is common.

    2. Injury: she might have a broken wing from an overzealous pet

    3. Name not on her list: sometimes the tracking spell she puts on each child's tooth malfunctions. The name might not appear right away or at all.

    4. Parents didn't sign the permission slip: she is only able to visit homes where parents have filed a signed permission slip with her so she can't be accused of breaking and entering.

    The best thing to do if she hasn't stopped by your home is to write her a letter.

  3. What does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth?

    There are many uses for teeth. With a little fairy magic she can use them as bricks for fairy castles or plant them in Fairyland where they will grow into beautiful flowers. Her favorite use for the teeth is to place them in the sky as stars.

  4. Where does the Tooth Fairy get her money?

    Once she places the teeth into the sky as stars, she can magically transform any star dust she collects into gold dust. Gold is worth quite a bit these days so she can exchange it at the fairy bank for currency.

  5. Why did the Tooth Fairy start collecting teeth?

    A long long time ago, people used to bury their childrens' teeth in the belief that witches coveted them to use in spells. (It is a common belief that a spell can be cast against someone if you have something of theirs: hair, nails, etc). The Tooth Fairy became protector of the teeth. She would come and take them far away where they would be safe.

  6. Why don't adults get visited if they lose a tooth?

    When a child is born, the Tooth Fairy places a tracking spell on every baby tooth so when it falls out, the child's name will automatically be added to her list of people to visit. Tracking spells are not placed on adult teeth. If an adult loses a baby tooth, and doesn't get a visit, most likely the tracking spell has faded. It only lasts about 20 years.

  7. Where does the Tooth Fairy live?

    She lives in Fairyland which is rumored to be near Brush, CO.

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Questions about Easter

  1. What does the word "Easter" mean?

    Easter was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn and spring. We also get the word "east" from her since that is where the sun rises. The month we know as April used to be known as Eostre Monath (Easter Month), and it was a time for celebrating new life. That is why we still call the celebration Easter even though now it is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

  2. What do bunnies and eggs have to do with Easter?

    Bunnies and eggs have always been symbols of fertility and new life. It is said that hares may have pulled the goddess Easter's chariot across the sky. Eggs were painted in bright colors to represent springtime. Now, some people paint eggs red to represent the sacrifice Jesus made.

  3. Where did the Easter Bunny come from?

    The first mention of an anthropomorphic rabbit that brings gifts to children is in German writings of the 1600's. There the Easter Bunny is called the Osterhase. He used to deliver eggs to children in nests they made of clothing and hid inside the house.

  4. Why does the Easter Bunny lay eggs?

    In olden times, people would come across the ground nests of a bird called a Lapwing. It's nest looked very similar to the hare's home, which is called a form. If the Lapwing had been chased away by a predator, people stumbled across what they thought were hare forms with eggs in them.

  5. How does the Easter Bunny get into the house?

    He isn't able to come down the chimney like Santa Claus, so he usually looks for an open window that the parents of the house have left open for him. If your home has a pet door for dogs and cats to come in and out, that is much easier for him. You can always hang a magic key out for him too, which makes things very easy for him.

  6. Should we leave the Easter Bunny cookies like we do for Santa?

    He loves snacks, but instead of cookies, he prefers carrots and green vegetables. Clover is one of his favorites. A bowl of water is always appreciated too.

  7. Does the Easter Bunny live on Easter Island?

    No, actually he lives in April Valley which is near Egg Harbor, WI, but he does have a vacation home on Easter Island which he visits frequently.

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